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2010-02-04 09:30

Associate Professor James Wilson returns

Jazz pianist James Wilson returns to Music Academy to give lessons in traditional and contemporary Jazz Piano.

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2010-01-28 08:15

Open days

Every Friday in February 2010 the gates of the Music Academy's campus will be thrown wide open to welcome everyone for a day filled with fun and interest.

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Wikommen bei Magnerd

Magnerd ist die INOFFIZIELLE Hompage des AK Kersting der Universität Leipzig. Hauptsächlich ist sie für die Mitarbeiter der Arbeitsgruppe gedacht. Deshalb gibt es hier für Externe nicht besonders viel zu sehen.

User accounts

1. Kevin Jones

Username: k.jones
Password: kevinjones
Role: back end user and administrator

2. Helen Lewis
Username: h.lewis
Password: helenlewis
Role: back end user
3. James Wilson
Username: j.wilson
Password: jameswilson
Role: back end user
4. John Smith
Username: j.smith
Password: johnsmith
Role: front end user
5. Donna Evans
Username: d.evans
Password: donnaevans
Role: front end user

Roles and permissions

On the next page (The academy) we will take a closer look at the different roles and we will find out what our users are allowed to do and what they cannot do. You can then take a closer look at how these access restrictions have been implemented in the back end.

Make sure to visit for more information.